Build my own bouquet

Build my own bouquet



  • Base layer (3) latex colors


  • To build your very own balloon order, select your options below.
  • This is for a bouquet style balloon set. This does not include garlands or mosaics.
  • No helium filled balloons offered at this time.



  • Add On's:

    • 20 $
    • 10 $
    • 5 $
    • 7 $
    • 15 $
    • 30 $
    • 50 $


    Please list your choice of (3) latex colors and/or any additional details of your add on's (color, theme, letter, number, character etc)

    • *deliveries up to 30mi from Brentwood, CA

    • Note: This is a contactless order. We will drop off on your front porch. No installation is included in this price.

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Building your own balloon order is a great way to get exactly what you envision.



  • Due to the nature of current shipping delays and shortage of supplies, there will be no alterations in your order once it is made.
  • No cancellations will made after the booking of your order.
  • No refunds will be permitted after your order is booked.
  • This service is non-transferable.
  • No postponements of any kind is allowed.



  • Inspiration photos curated by the client and the contractor are used as a communication tool to share visual concept ideas. The final product will NOT be a direct reflection nor an exact replication of the photos used for inspiration. Visionary Events and Designs reserves the right to exercise creative direction in the process of the balloon design. Client is hiring Visionary Events and Designs for their creative work and design abilities.
  • Balloon Orders are not guaranteed to withstand severe outdoor weathers such as rain, high temperatures and/or wind. Visionary Events and Designs highly recommends these items be stationed on leveled areas and preferably indoors or where balloon items are protected. Visionary Events & Designs will not be held liable for any problems beyond our control e.g. bad weather, accidents, poor acoustics/lighting.

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