About Us


Visionary Events and Designs is operated by husband and wife duo, Danny and Janelle Iñiguez. Janelle was a long time crafter & artist that enjoyed fabricating elaborate themed events for families and friends. Danny spent years as a welder and fabricator for a family business called Iñiguez and Sons. It wasn’t until 2017 when they decided to officially open Visionary Events and Designs. Together, they work to serve clients from conception to completion; offering services such as planning, coordinating and designing. However, this duo doesn’t stop there. They are renown for creating over-the-top, one of a kind pieces that you will not find anywhere else. With Janelle’s Visionary concepts and Danny’s incredible craftsmanship, they create immaculate events from large scale weddings to small intimate dinner parties.


Visionary Events and Designs vows to stay true to our serving attitude by providing our clients with exceptional services by means of honesty and quality.  We understand that each and every client is different and as a result we plan and design centered around you! We believe that taking the time to sit and talk about your vision brings life to your celebration – your life. We methodically navigate your desires and expectations and bring you creative ideas that are definitive to who you are and what you love.

I am 1/2 of Visionary Events and Designs, the other half is my husband, Danny.


I’m 4’11” but don’t let my height fool ya. I’m a force of nature in big builds and can hold my own weight when it comes to heavy machinery & tools.
I’ve even mastered the skill of backing up our 14ft trailer 😉
I love a good prank and get along with everyone I meet.
Hm, what else... I live for good eyebrows and frozen food snacks. <3
My current favorite frozen food snack??? ....corn dogs
In his words, the better 1/2 of Visionary Events of Designs 😉


Hard work and sacrifice are common words you'd here in a sit down. He's known for his precise attention to detail skills. It isn't unusual for him to start a project over from scratch if it wasn't perfect.
He is an avid traveler. He would travel 365 days of the year if it were up to him. His favorite place? NEW ZEALAND! It's definitely true what they say - it is the ``Adventure Capital of the World!``
FUN FACT: we've been BFF's since the 6th grade. Danny was always known for being the class clown and throwing the best high school parties in town. It's no wonder he's so great at event planning.