Reviews from Happy Clients

"The Best Wedding Planner Ever"

When my fiancé and I finally set our wedding date , we knew we wanted to hire a wedding planner! With my fiancé being a DJ, he knew the importance of having one not only on the day of but also leading towards your special day! I inquired & booked Janelle's services back in 2018 when my wedding wasn't even scheduled until 2020! Now that is how much I admired her work & knew she would be the perfect person to help plan our long awaited wedding! From the very first phone call - to our first face to face meeting , Janelle made wedding planning such a breeze! Her attention to detail , her vision , but most of all her personality really makes her so fun and easy to work with! She was and continues to be patient & extremely open - minded with all the changes we made from the beginning of planning through today!

Our wedding was one of the many weddings affected from COVID19 & we are so grateful to have her even more now , since we pretty much have to replan our entire wedding! We cannot imagine having to go through all this stress without a wedding planner and let me tell you , we are so happy we made that investment in hiring Janelle! Her expertise led us through a heartbreaking BUT smooth transition . Janelle has eliminated that much more stress & anxiety off our shoulders & we couldn't be any more grateful.

BIG THANK YOU Janelle for everything you have done so far-- BEST WEDDING PLANNER EVER

My baby shower decor was fabulous!

Did I mention how fabulous my baby shower decor was? Everything was perfect to the last detail: custom centerpieces, custom backdrop, elegant table setting, etc. Janelle captured very well the essence of elegance and exceeded my expectations, I cannot thank her enough!

My baby shower decor was fabulous!
Mari I

I highly recommend Visionary Events and Designs!

Anelle of Visionary Events and Designs is truly amazing! I booked her services for my wedding on 3/19/17 in Vallejo, CA. Getting married is very stressful and especially so for a DIY bride with a short, 6 month engagement. I began the planning process and booked most of my vendors very quickly but after a month I was ready to give up and elope. It was then I decided to book a Day of Coordinator. I met with a few planners and felt overwhelmed after the meetings and tired of talking about my wedding plans. Then I met with Janelle and I was actually excited about the big day again! She is a warm, giving person and that really helped me feel comfortable trusting her.

Janelle offers different levels of services and was able to create a package that exactly fit my needs and budget. She created timelines and coordinated with my vendors in the days leading up to the wedding and ensured all my plans were executed. My fiance and I had a lot of DIY projects because we wanted our wedding to have our personal touch on every detail. However, after seeing her Instagram page we decided to have her add her creative talent with my sweetheart table and photo backdrop, as well. She really does it all!

As much as I tried to be organized and ready for my wedding day, having a morning wedding ceremony leaves little time for last minute details or anything unexpected. That is why having Janelle was a lifesaver. I had to let go and hope everything was going as planned at my venue. I got my makeup done, took pictures and before I knew it, my ceremony was starting. I walked out and everything was exactly the way I envisioned. Janelle was on top of everything. That feeling is priceless. I do not want to mull over all the details of the job she did for me because honestly, she was so good behind the scenes that I was completely present and focused on my Husband, our loved ones, and all the fun we were having. That is what a great coordinator does!

I highly recommend Visionary Events and Designs for all of your party planning needs, but especially for brides. Getting married is complicated enough, enjoy your engagement and book her early!

I highly recommend Visionary Events and Designs!
Bambi L