Day of Coordination

Developing your concept, theming & design with your Imagination & Maybe you’ve dreamed of being a barefoot bride, wearing a flower crown and dancing through fields in spring. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have an edgy wedding with a geometric, industrial twist. Maybe you love glamour and you want a classy wedding that’ll never go out of style. Whatever your personality desires, we are here to help you make it happen.

Our team of experienced and talented wedding planners, stylists and florists are the perfect partners in developing your wedding design. Bringing all of your ideas together to complement each other, work seamlessly and look incredible is the goal of our wedding design team. We will help you develop the various layers of your wedding theme, so even if you are getting married abroad or you are going to completely DIY your big day, your wedding design is clear, easily followed and ensures that your wedding beautifully reflects your personalities & relationship.

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